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ReGroup Coffee + Bicycles

Off The Menu

Off The Menu

Number Fire

Number Fire

Feel Free

Feel Free

Rico Lavender

App, Website and Experience Design

Sketch / Design / Prototype / Repeat

I design products with the user in mind which they call UI/UX. I was featured in The Top 10 Product Design Lessons for 2016 back in the day but things change so fast, so I adapt. I've worked with large fortune 500 companies such as American Express and Fedex as well as successfel tech startups such as Lifelock and even some failed startups that unfortunately didn't make it but that has set me up to adapt to anything at this stage in my career. I am also remote friendly and work well with distributed teams, so I'll come to where ever your office is anywhere in the world for a period of time if needed.

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Ownzones Media

Contributions: Product Management and Strategy

Ownzones is a startup based out of LA looking to disrupt the OTT space. I managed a team of desingers and developers through bi-weekly sprints, introduced and established new features and functionality that pushed the boundaries of innovation in the OTT space as a whole. I managed the mobile app, Apple TV app, a Roku TV app and Android TV app. In it's most recent state the company has shifted into focusing on providing a more service based decoding system since I've left.

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ReGroup info

ReGroup Coffee + Bicycles

Designer / Developer

This progressive web app was a part of a campaign targeting ReGroup's Spooky build bicycles. The idea was to present a mobile friendly app-like experience for any user over social media without forcing them to load a website or download an app from the app store just to purchase a bike. The awesome thing about progressive web apps is that the look and function like a normal app but are at the heart a mobile website that cann be downloaded to your phone's homescreen and accessed offline.

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Off The Menu info

Off The Menu

Designer / Owner

Ever go to a restaurant not knowing exactly what you're going to get and have to go off speculation alone? Well in comes Off The Menu providing you with pictures additional details, ratings and hidden tips that you won't find on your traditional menu. Think of it as a menu buddy. Something sounds good but you just need a little bit more to convince you. This concept I designed was to help solve just that. My partner and I are still looking for a developer to build out our MVP but in the grand scheme of things this may be the answer to those problems.

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Number Fire info

Number Fire

Product Designer

I designed this mobile web app for Number Fire which is Fan Duel's sports news and fantasy news site. Being that this was merely just a test of concept I was one of many designers asked to design a concept for this new tool that would go on to be used by the thousands of Fan Duel users across the country. Although not chosen as the concept to move forward with a appreciated the challenge and opportunity to have thought through this concept with just a 24-hour turn-around deliverable.

Building Collaborative Communities

Collaborative Community

Product Manager / Designer

Ever feel like you met someone before but couldn't quite place them? Well Feel Free offered a solution to that amongst many others that brought people together within collaborative spaces by uniquely connecting an individual to not only other individuals but also the business itself. This particular piece of a much larger product offering connect the business with a user by allowing the business to directly interact with their customers offering unique campaigns that you wouldn't otherwise have without being apart of the Feel Free Community.

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