What's this all about?

It's about opening your eyes to that dish you're curious about but need just the right push to order it.

Automatic Location

By allowing location services on your phone, Off The Menu will know exactly where you're at for quick and easy access to the menu.


Not all food is the same, some are just appetizers, some are desserts. The menu is catagorized so you can choose the type of food item you're wanting to see.

Add An Item

Don't see the dish you want? No worries, you can easily add to the menu in 3 easy steps, and share an insider tip as well!

Speaking of Tips

You get enough reviews on food, and the can be negative but how about a quick tip on how to best order a dish? We've got you covered.


Here's what you can expect to find when using the app.

Lots of Pictures

Real pictures that match meal.

Insider Tips

Find out what other's may know that's off the menu.

Save Your Favorite Meals

Keep tabs on your favorite meals so you don't forget.

Share Meals

Quickly share your favorite meal with a friend.

Easy Sign Up

Leave your own tips and pics by sigining in via Facebook or Google.

Intuitive Statistics

Easily access stats on your pics, tips and favorits.


Read What People Are Saying About the App So Far

“I finally know what the food looks like that I want to order. This is so awesome!”

- Veronica Carrillo

“From what I've seen so far, I am super impressed and can't wait to get my hand on this app.”

- Caleb Barclay

“This is such a great app. Definitely a must-have for any foodie out there.”

- Manny Felix


See what’s included in the App



Visual Menu

Menu Item

Profile Page

Add New Menu Item

Off the Menu will be available for both IOS and Google

Coming soon to your preferred smartphone.